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        ABOUT US
        Creating digital life and mapping grand blueprint.


        Established in 2004, Beijing Digsur Science and Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Digsur) is a national high-tech enterprise, one of the top 100 enterprises in China’s geographic information industry and a Z-park high-tech enterprise. We are the Initiating and supporting unit of Professional Committee of Cultural Heritage Protection of Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography, the director council unit of Aviation Special Committee of Central Netcom Civil-Military Integration Alliance and also the innovative excellent unit by Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography. We established Digsur Science and Technology Association and a post-doctoral research station. We own national class-A qualification for surveying and mapping (8 items), certificate of solid mineral exploration qualification, certificate of solid mineral exploration qualification, dual qualifications of military / civilian airport flight procedure design.

        With the commitment to data collection, integrated applications, and continuous operation services for geospatial information, Digsur comprehensively applies such technologies as satellite remote sensing, aerial photography for mapping, surface precision mapping, underground geological exploration, the Internet of Things, and big data.

        Digsur provides high-quality and continuous technical services for urban and rural planning and natural resources, urban and rural construction and smart cities, agricultural and rural revitalization, cultural heritage protection, military and civil aviation information, transportation and water conservancy, cultural tourism, emergency management, ecological environment. We are also the leading provider of airspace structure planning, flight procedure design, airport clearance and electromagnetic environment assessment, aviation charting and other navigation technical services for airport construction.

        Digsur is committed to commanding the technological high ground with pioneering innovation and creates customer value with quality service.Digsur boasts such core technologies as multi-source data collection and integration processing, three-dimensional stereo modeling, extended Kalman filter rotor attitude calculation, and a smart map of spatio-temporal information, which can be utilized to crack technical problems encountered in multi-source data collection and information retention, smart city big data integration, and three-dimensional stereo modeling. Therefore, those technologies were innovatively applied to such cultural heritage protection projects as the Potala Palace ancient building complex, Chongqing Dazu stone carvings, Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Terracotta Warrior, The Liao Dynasty Pagoda in Mongolia, the Nine-story Temple in Nepal, etc as well as such GIS projects as the smart pipe network of Daxing Biomedical Base and a map of the space-time information of the future science city.

        Digsur has provided airspace structure planning, airspace capacity assessment, flight procedure design and other navigation technical services for over 70 domestic military and civilian airports and domestic new military and civilian aircraft types. Digsur owns over 30 utility model patents and software copyrights and has been awarded two first prizes and three second prizes by Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography and one first prize of science and technology progress by China Association for Geographic Information System.

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