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        All efforts are not made for nothing
        A Letter to Our Customers

        Dear Customers:


        After the outbreak of the pandemic, have you returned to work? Do you miss the busy stream and the flashing lights? Over the past fifteen years, Digsur has established good cooperative relations with tens of thousands of customers across the country, and is fortunate to have your trust and support. Thank you sincerely for choosing to work together with Digsur in a special moment. All employees of Digsur extend sincere care and greetings to you!


        Are the projects cooperated with us progressing smoothly? Are there any problems? In the current pandemic situation, we do not forget our original intentions. In the face of difficulties, we are willing to shoulder responsibilities. As the project responsible party, service supporter and product provider, we solemnly promise you: we can ensure that we will continue to provide you with the best technical support and services as always and without compromise. Digsur has fully prepared for the project implementation and technical service personnel, has fully adjusted and launched the customer service plan, properly arranged the core management team to do the corresponding job security, ensure that all work is carried out as scheduled, maximize the protection of customer benefits, reduce the effects of pandemic as possible as we can. If you have any questions or demands, please communicate through our customer service emergency line "Dicetong", we are online 7 * 24 hours, dedicated to serve you. You can also contact us by phone, WeChat, etc. We will try to answer all questions you raise. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you, please understand us.


        Love will not be isolated because of the quarantine. The customer is God. Do you have any difficulties in your life at the special time? Digsur will go all out to provide you support. Here, we urge customers and friends not to carelessly, relax, please pay attention to safety protection, wash hands frequently, and exercise in moderation at this critical times. Your health is our concern. Your satisfaction is our responsibility. Digsur has always adhered to the development concept of "winning customer trust with high-quality service". It will never lose the trust of the majority of customers and actively undertakes corporate and social responsibilities to meet customer demands.


        Thanks again for your support!

                Best wishes




        Website: www.hsyj13363769938.com

        Email: dckj@digsur.com

        Hotline: 010-59919066

        Cooperation: 18701542149 Li Chunyan

        Recruitment: 13501392770 Fu Qiubo

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